Saturday, 16 June 2007

UHI Computing Subject Network Development

Well, Thursday/Friday saw Les and I attending the UHI Computing Subject Network Development days. It was very useful and things were actually achieved.

We now have a Shared Area for resources (although we in Thurso can't access it yet for some reason) and this will also be used for cross network verification purposes. I agreed to be the Unit Leader for the Software Development: Event Driven Programming unit, but that should be a relatively straightforward task as it is only Orkney and ourselves that deliver it. Carol, I think I volunteered you for something but I can't remember what is was. Ooops! I will check this out with Val and get a copy of the agreed list from her as we can't access it in the shared area yet.

Also got the opportunity to speak with some of the rest about the NC Digital Media and got a few ideas/pointers and suggestions for it. Chatted with Darryl from Moray who has come from a Software Development background and he put my mind at rest that what I am doing with the Software Development unit is valid. Hoping he might be able to provide me with some examples of 'real' documentation to use as examples in class - that would be really good.

We had a great night out at the Indian and there was lots of hilarity and fun. The bars shut awfully early in Elgin though and we were all tucked up in our beddie byes by 12.30am.

The Perth guys are going to the SQA day next week but aren't staying over - pity. Derek did however suggest that we get together for lunch. I said we were up for that of course! Nobody else appeared to be attending so looks like we will be making our own fun on Thursday night - Ikea here were come!

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